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The Team

What We Do



Mechanical Fabrication is a division on the robot side of the team. They are responsible for..


-Physically producing the robot

-Assembling the field pieces that will be used to practice for competition

-Prototyping concepts for the major functions of the robot

Design 2.png

Robot Design

Design, or Systems Integration, is in charge of designing all aspects of the robot.

-Uses a computer aided design tool called Solidworks

-Creates drawings of parts and assemblies for fabrication

-Creates a large assembly of the entire robot, and continues to improve the model throughout the season

Design 1.png

Robot Controls

Our electrical or control division works throughout the season to create the brain of the robot using and wiring sensors and pneumatic systems. Electrical also enacts techniques like soldering, wire crimping and terminating, and organization and cable management!

Programming 1.png

Robot Programming

Our programming division uses Java to create the ‘intelligence’ of the robot.

This programming is used in..

-The Autonomous Period, a time when the robot drives itself on a path developed before the match

-The Teleop Period, just following Autonomous the robot is now controlled by a human driver and inputs commands to the robot through a controller

Programming 2.png
Strategy and Drive.png

Robot Strategy & Drive

The Drive team is all about competition!

-They prepare for competition by practicing with the robot in a mock setup of the years game

-They come up with the best strategy given the games rules for that competition

-They also handle scouting at competitions

Robot Safety

Robot Safety and maintaining a safe environment at all times especially when working on the robot and at competition, dominates the Safety Captains role as a student leader. This could be first aid kit maintenance, recording any incidents, and enforcing safety regulations and PPE usage.

Robot Safety.png
MTR Mktg.jpg

MTR Marketing

Our marketing division utilizes photography and social media and coordinates with graphic design to work on media management, brand maintenance, and team promotion.

MTR Graphics Design

Our newest division, Graphic Design, uses adobe suite to maintain and update the team logo, create yearly visuals for each game, and design t-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, our banner, and any and all team swag!

MTR Graphic Design.png
MTR Outreach.png

MTR Outreach & Fundraising

The MTR Outreach Division focuses on involving our team in communities beyond our own. Outreach plans community service, plans and presents awards at competition, and shows our team’s impact!

Fundraising manages the team budget and raises money for the team. This includes managing the teams monetary inputs and outputs, contacting sponsors, applying for grants, and keeping track of those who have previously donated.

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