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Weekly Brief

As the season continues this page will consist of a Weekly Brief containing updated information regarding the activities of the ViPrs robotics team during sessions throughout the upcoming week. 


Happy Kickoff ViPrs! The season has officially begun and our student leaders and mentors are all already planning how The ViPrs will be taking the stage and turning up the volume in the 2024 CRESCENDO FIRST Robotics competition! This upcoming week Mechanical Fabrication and Design will be taking the mic as they finish building the field pieces for this years competition and outline this seasons goals as they begin designing the robot. As they storm the stage, Strategy and Drive will begin their dive into this season's game manual, using their knowledge to help Mechanical Fabrication and Design as they begin their designs. While our robot side mans the stage, MTR will be turning up the volume, posting on social media, reaching out to sponsors, and connecting with the community through outreach! Week 1 of the season has begun and this season may just be the performance of a lifetime. We cannot wait to see everyone at sessions this week, and hope you are all just as excited as we are! 


ViPrs Leadership 

Session Schedule Reminder: 

Monday: 5-7 

Wednesday: 5-7

Friday: 5-7

Saturday: 10-4 

Sunday: 12-4 

1/15 - 1/21: 

Hello ViPrs we are officially through week one of the season! To see our progress this week check out our instagram: ViPrs1329. As our first week has come to an end each division has made amazing progress and next week will only bring more fun! Fabrication and Design will begin working more closely together as prototypes for the robot arm and superstructure will continue to be made. Control Systems will continue disassembling last years robot and working on establishing the pneumatic and battery systems used for this year’s robot. MTR is continuing their work of outreach projects, updating and posting on the social media, updating this years logo, nd working on our teams merch and swag for this season!!! We are so excited for week two of the season and cannot wait to see everybody in sessions this week!



ViPrs Leadership


Hello ViPrs! 

This upcoming week fabrication will continue working on prototyping the arm and superstructure working closely with design as the prototypes are tested to perfection! Control systems has been wiring the motors and will continue to work on it this upcoming week. MTR will be working on outreach events, managing social media, and continuing on current marketing projects. We cant wait to see everyone this week! A friendly reminder, highschool students are expected to come to 2 sessions a week and middle school students are expected to attend one session a week. These are attendance requirements, but we always want to see our members more! If you cannot make a session you can always make that session up by joining us on a different night! 

Sincerely ViPrs Leadership 


Session Reminder: 


Monday - 5pm - 7pm 

Wednesday - 5pm - 7pm 

Friday - 5pm - 7pm 

Saturday - 10am - 4pm 

Sunday - 12pm - 4pm 

2/4 - 2/10: 

Hello ViPrs, 

Week four of the season has just ended and we are looking forward to this upcoming week! MTR is filming and producing our “Team Hype Video”, so be sure to look out for communications regarding your divisions feature and involvement. As always MTR will also be posting on social media and sending out team communications, so be sure to keep an eye out. The robot side accomplished a lot in the past week. This upcoming week they are planning to continue their work on the intake and launching mechanism for the robot. Design will begin designing the robot arm as they finished their design of the robot super structure. Electrical will continue their work with the attachment of electronics to the belly pan of the robot. We are so excited to see everyone this upcoming week! Just a reminder to all student member that you need to register with FIRST, on their website, and if you cannot make it to your scheduled session, to please communicate that with your lead and do your best to attend another session to make up the one missed. We are so excited to see you all next week! 



ViPrs Leadership

Hello ViPrs Community!


As week eight comes to a close, we look forward to the upcoming week. Competition is also becoming closer, and is now only two weeks away. Everyone has been working hard because of this. On the robotics side, Design has been working on its climber and  is looking to finish it. Electrical is getting radio and lime light mounted. On the MTR side, Marketing is planning on finalizing competition schedules, as well as posting and sending about competition. Graphic design is also making buttons for competition! If you cannot make it to your scheduled session, please communicate that with your lead and do your best to attend another session to make up for the one missed. We are so excited to see you all next week!



ViPrs Leadership 

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